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Final Touch Mojito Glass & Muddler Set

A great Mojito gift set by Final Touch that includes two classic tall cocktail glasses 296ml and a Final Touch branded wooden muddler for crushing ingredients like mint leaves. There is nothing more refreshing than a nice mojito at the end of the day. With this fantastic set of two glasses and a cocktail muddler, you can enjoy one anytime you like! Just lay out the ingredients, crush them with your cocktail muddler and then fill up your tall Tom Collins glasses and enjoy the most refreshing drink of the day, the first one. Be careful when washing your muddler though, it can't go in the dishwasher, unlike the two glasses which are completely dishwasher safe.

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Ever been just about to make yourself a nice cocktail, but had nothing at hand to crush the ingredients to make it? We've all been there, life is hard. It's especially frustrating when you're getting ready to sit down with a nice refreshing Mojito but you can't find anything, and you haven't got the right glasses either! Never fear though, that's where we come in. This fantastic set features not just a wooden cocktail muddler to crush your ingredients to absolute perfection, but two tall Tom Collins glasses to serve your finished Mojito in too! Whether you're winding down after a tough day at work or setting up a couple of drinks for you and a friend this glass set has got you covered. Your glasses are completely dishwasher safe so you won't even have to increase the pile too much when you've finished partying. You do have to be careful with the muddler though as it is a gentle soul. You'll need to wash it by hand with a gentle soap and make sure you rinse it off afterwards. Drying immediately is paramount with this product too if you don't want the wood to warp. While the muddler does need slightly more care and attention than the glasses it is a small price to pay for being able to sit down with a crisp, refreshing mojito when you really need it. Fed up of sub standard cocktails? Then you need to order this set today, you won't regret it.


  • A great Mojito gift set by final Touch
  • Set includes two classic tall cocktail glasses 296ml and a Final Touch branded wooden muddler.
  • This set is ideal for a Mojito drinker and is gift boxed.


Washing instructions, glasses are dishwasher safe. The wooden muddler is hand wash only with mild soap, then rinse and dry immediately.

Additional Information

Material Glass
Dishwaher Safe No
Colour Clear
Pack Size 2
Capacity 296ml
Recommended for Cocktails
Brands Final Touch
Freezer Safe No

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