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Final Touch Champagne Sparkling Wine Bottle Cork Opener

A simple to use champagne and sparkling wine bottle opener allows you to safely remove a cork with no effort. This Final Touch gift set also includes food pairing guide. Popping a champagne cork is a very difficult procedure. Sure the TV makes it look easy but in reality, there is a knack to it that not everyone can learn. That's where this champagne cork opener comes in. You just slide it on the top, a little twist and the cork is popped. The telescopic top traps the cork and stops it from taking out your eye and you get to enjoy your champagne, both risk and effort free.

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Your oldest daughter has just got engaged. Her fiancée's Dad is a member of the yacht club and he wants to pop the champagne. You're not confident opening bottles of champagne after you killed your son's pet rabbit three years ago, but it's okay. You have a brand new champagne cork opener. With a simple twist motion the cork easily pops from the bottle with minimal fuss and effort. Worried about the cork firing around the room? There is no reason to worry. The telescopic top of the opener rises as the cork is popped and safely traps it before it has a chance to pinball its way around your front room. Your daughter still gets to think of her Dad as a hero, your future son in law's Dad feels emasculated and you can smugly wink at your wife, knowing that you've still go it even if you don't have all of your hair anymore. The champagne cork opener will never let you down when it comes to celebrating the important moments in your life. Easy to administer and easy to use, you won't have to worry about damaging either yourself, your family and friends or your possessions every time you open a bottle anymore. Even if you are well skilled at opening bottles the champagne cork opener is still an invaluable piece of kit. It doesn't just make the process easier and safer, it makes it less messy too. Everyone who drinks champagne and uncorks it themselves should own one of these, for minimal fuss, minimal effort and quicker access to your booze.


  • The easiest & safest way to "POP!" the cork!
  • Just a slight turn & POP! Out comes the cork & up goes the telescopic top trapping the cork.
  • Use with all Sparkling Wines & Champagnes 
  • Safely pops a cork with little effort Just a slight turn & POP! out comes the cork & up goes the telescopic top trapping the cork. Cork is easily removed from telescopic top
  • Safe for anyone to use 
  • Food pairing guide included


How to use...

  • Step 1 - Chill bottle, remove foil & wire. 
  • Step 2 - Place opener firmly on the bottle. 
  • Step 3 - Hold bottle at 45° angle and twist slightly. Telescopic top pops up & safely traps the cork.

Additional Information

Material No
Dishwaher Safe No
Colour No
Pack Size 1
Capacity No
Recommended for Champagne
Brands Final Touch
Freezer Safe No

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