Are you a wine drinker looking for ways to improve your wine drinking experience? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Bar Amigos we are committed to assisting our alcoholic lovers with a wide range of handy and unique products suitable for a range of drinkers from wine to beer and cocktails to whiskey. Whether you are the kind of drinker who enjoys a glass each evening, every weekend or you have your own minibar in your living room for daily consumption, we have the perfect variety of products for you. We have a great range of barware gift ideas, effective bar accessories and the best range of glassware.

Looking to aerate your wine? Breathe life into each glass of wine you drink with our wide range of wine aerators. We specifically like our Vinalito Wine Aerator.

Our Vinalito Wine Aerator is perfect for everyday use and even more perfect as a gift. Whether its someone's birthday or anniversary, you can be confident that they'll be happy with the Vinalito – which is a gift boxed wine gift set including a stand and travel bag. Pour your next glass of red wine through the Vinalito Aerator, then you’ll be able to see and hear the air fortifying your wine in seconds.