Looking to spice up your New Year’s Eve party with a range of drinks, foods and games? By coming to Bar Amigos, we can definitely help you when it comes to drinks. Our website is simply for those of us who like an alcoholic beverage whether that is beer, wine, whiskey or a cocktail – we have a set of unique gifts and products for all types of drinkers, especially for those whiskey drinkers out there.

Unique products for Whiskey Drinkers

Whether you have an idea of what kind of unique whiskey drinking item you require or not, you will be able to browse our selection of whiskey products for inspiration. Whether you’re a Scotch & Irish whiskey drinker or love an American-style Tennessee bourbon, we’re confident that you will be able to view and purchase the right product or gift for your Whisky Drinking friend or relative.
We stock a great range of products from novelty ice cubes to keep your drink cool, to quality Dartington tumblers.

One of our favourite whiskey drinking items is our Whiskey Rockers Novelty Rocking Glasses - Set of 2. These novelty whiskey glasses can rock as much as you want them to but never spill a single bit of whiskey, and too right too! These glasses are packed in a smart looking gift box, containing these two smart and fun rocking glasses.