If your workplace or office is doing Secret Santa this Christmas, does your Secret Santa like to drink? If they do and you feel drinks coolers could be a great gift, then visit our website Bar Amigos and shop for quality drink coolers today.

There’s nothing quite like the taste of a cold and refreshing beer, wine, whiskey or cocktail. If you know anyone who likes a drink, then drink cooling products are the way to go this Christmas. We have drink cooling products for beer, ale, lager, champagne, cocktails, whiskey and wine. Our range of drink coolers range from Fresco Wine Chiller Rod and Pourer, Final Touch Ice Ball Drinks Moulds, Tornado Silicone Ice Mould and Glass Set, Zombie Horror Head Wine Spirits Drinks Decanter, Bar Amigos Icestickall Drinks Cooler Cocktail Tool, Set of 4 Cocktail Ice Pop Maker Silicone Moulds, Cork Sleeve Wine Bottle Cooler Chill Sleeve Wrap and much more.

The Final Touch Brainfreeze Skull Glass Ice Bucket
This is a great and fun gift playing with the themes of brain freeze and drink coolers. This product is made of a dense crystal clear glass and sculptured into the actual size and shape of an actual human skull. With a 1.6 litres capacity, a headful of ice can be stored inside along with small to standard sized bottles. This will allow you to have it out on show at any party or event with beer or wine bottles poking out of the bucket.