If you’re looking to host a party full of beer drinkers, then we have the perfect variety of novelty beer drinking gifts and products that all beer drinkers can appreciate as a gift or to use at any party. Here at Bar Amigos we specialise in stocking a range of novelty gifts for not only beer drinkers but also wine, cocktails and whiskey drinkers.

If there is a specific product that you only wish you had whilst drinking your beers, then you will most likely find that we have them here at Bar Amigos.

Beer is great to drink on a quiet night in, on a night out with friends or for a refreshing drink with your meal. We embrace beer here at Bar Amigos and want to ensure we can enjoy our beer freely. This is why we have a range of beer drinking products, not only to improve the taste, but to make the process of drinking beer easier and much more enjoyable.

IGGI Ring Beer Bottle Opener - Pack of 2
From our wide range of beer drinking products, we specifically like our new, innovative and unique IGGI Ring Beer Bottle Openers. With this handy set of two ring bottle openers, you can have some real fun by giving the impression that you can open bottles with your bare hands. The rings are made of stainless steel and look just like a normal and stylish ring. We like these rings, they look fashionable and will be extremely handy when you’re out and about, and fancy cracking open a beer.