With Christmas just under two months away now it is the perfect time to begin your Christmas shop. Knowing what to get your family and friends can be a hard task, not if they enjoy their alcohol though. The benefit of browsing our website is that we’ve got such a variety of items that are great for a gift. If you know a beer, wine, whiskey or cocktail drinker then Bar Amigos is the only website you’ll need to use this Christmas.

If you want to find good quality Margarita Glasses or a Margarita giftset then we’ve got a great product for you. With our Margarita R-Evolution Molecular Gastronomy Evolution Kit, you will be making a variety of cocktails to impress your friends over Christmas and the New Year. With this set, you'll be able to make your own molecular gastronomy cocktails with a set of instructions included. You will be able to create a margarita slush, topped with a fresh lemon mousse. You will even be able to add a splash of colour by creating blue azure suspended pearls. With a delicious sweet and fruity taste combined with the strong and typical alcoholic taste of a cocktail. You will be in charge so you can add a spin to the cocktails you make if you wish. See our Evolution kit by clicking here.

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