If you love the outdoors, you will more than likely have invested in a wide array of products that you can bring with you on every trip. A good hiking bag and shoes will also be necessary. A portable stove is also an excellent investment so that you can cook your food anywhere you are. You would need to also pack a water bottle and even some cups for drinks when relaxing around the camp fire.

Pouring shot water canteen

If you think you already have it all, you might want to think again, unless you already have The Pint – a stainless steel water canteen that is known for being multifunctional. It can be used as water container and in the same way, it can also be used as a glass for your favourite drinks – whether it is beer, wine, or even coffee. This product was designed by Sable Goods Co and is now one of our bestsellers at Bar Amigos.


How It All Started


The Pint commenced from the idea of Martin Matthew. Martin was an outdoor enthusiast himself. Like many of us, he enjoys having a cold lager in the campsite, among other drinks to give him a buzz. The problem, however, as he noted, is that you will often have to pack a lot when you are camping. You have to bring several glasses for hot and cold drinks. This can be too much of a hassle, especially because one of the general rules of camping is to pack light. With such, he designed The Pint and started a Kickstarter campaign.


When Martin started the campaign in October 2015, it did not take long before people have expressed their support for this multifunctional camping canteen. In only nine hours, it was able to reach $10,000. Shortly after, the amount raised increased to $66,000. Martin had finally been able to raise the amount he needed to handle the first batch of production of his amazing stainless steel water bottle. The success of this Kickstarter project shows the demand of many people for products that are sleek and functional.


How It Works


The Pint is a flask and cup in one. This can keep your water during the day and at night, when it is time to drink, forget about wine glasses for camping. The canteen can serve as your glass, which will also be perfect for enjoying a cold beer. All that you have to do is to remove the base and have it attached to the top part of the canteen. By now, this will already serve as the bottom base of your glass. This will serve as the stand while the bottom part of the canteen will now be the wide mouth where you can enjoy your drink of choice – whether it is hot or cold.


Space-Efficient and Aesthetically-Pleasing Design


Beautiful and compact – these are two of the things that can convince you to purchase this stainless steel water canteen. From the first time that you see it, you will surely be captivated. It is available in two colours – grey granite and black carbon. It is capable of holding up to 16 ounces of liquid. It might not be large, but it is space-efficient. You can have it easily packed even if you do not have much available space in your bag.


Double Walled To Keep Your Drink Hot or Cold


One more thing that makes this metal canteen a great outdoor gear is because of its double walled design. This means that it can maintain the temperature of your favourite drink for an extended period of time. Your coffee will remain hot and your beer will remain cold. It has excellent insulation, making sure that you will enjoy your drinks all the time, even when you are in a campsite.

Double walled metal camping mug canteen


Premium Materials Indicative of Superior Quality


More than just the design, The Pint is impressive because of the excellent choice of materials that are used. There are two walls of stainless steel insulation, which does not only keep the drinks hot or cold but also makes the canteen durable. There are plastic parts in this product, but as it has been claimed, they are BPA-free and food safe. The lid is of this stainless steel water bottle is also made in such a way that it is tightly-fitted, making sure that there will be no leaks.


A Canteen that is Effortless to Clean

 One of the things that many people despise about a traditional camping canteen is that it is quite hard to clean. The small opening in the mouth means that it will be hard to reach the inside. More often than not, you will have to use a small and long brush in order to reach the interior and the corners. With The Pint, on the other hand, this should not be a problem at all. It has a removable base, which means that the opening is larger and hence, it is easier to clean. It is also a bonus that it is dishwasher-safe.

 In sum, if you are looking for an innovative product that will change the way you enjoy the outdoors, The Pint is one thing that you should have. Forget about bringing beer or wine glasses for camping. This stainless steel water canteen is a multifunctional gear that will make your life easier. It is space-efficient, durable, and insulated. It is an essential for every camper!