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Bar Amigos Triple Value Pack of 3 Champagne Pressure Stoppers

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Fed up with your bottle of fizz turning flat quickly? We have the solution! The Bar Amigos ® Champagne Pressure Stopper locks in the fizz to retain that perfect tasting champagne. Our patented technology system operates via air being pumped into the bottle which preserves the bubbles inside by sealing in the pressure. Our champagne saver can be used on sparkling wine too such as prosecco and, with a handy date reminder switch, you will always know when you stored your plonk. Our bung fits most regular bottles and comes with a three-year warranty following rigorous quality testing. Now available in a trio pack with red, grey and purple rims.
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Champagne and sparkling wine, especially Prosecco, are all the rage at the moment with lighter evenings upon us but what if you do not manage a whole bottle in a sitting?  Fear not as you do not have to let it go flat in between servings.

Sparkling bubbly can be expensive and you certainly don’t want any spare drink to go to waste which is where the Bar Amigos ® Champagne Pressure Stopper comes in very handy.

Our easy to operate fizz saver is locked down onto your bottle of plonk using its metal wings to secure it in place.  Once on you then push the operating button in a repetitive action until it feels stiff to the touch. It is then that you know enough pressure has been pumped into the bottle to preserve your drink.  This clever little device can lock in the taste and bubbles for well over seven days which is much longer than a traditional bung.  In fact, product testing showed that sparkling wine could be saved for over two weeks!  Traditional bungs allow dissolved gas to seep out of the sparkling wine bottle and merely cap the holder meaning the liquid goes flat quicker. 

Our superior stopper which is small enough to tidy away in a cutlery drawer, comes complete with a useful dial to reminder you of the date you preserved your wine.  Always look for the Bar Amigos ® logo to receive your three-year warranty with this product.

Currently available in a trio pack following feedback especially from bars and restaurants which now use these devices to sell champagne and sparkling wine by the glass – a win, win for customers and businesses alike!

Sold as a gift boxed set of three stoppers with red, grey and purple rims.

Additional Information

Material Metal
Dishwaher Safe No
Colour Mixed
Pack Size 3
Capacity No
Recommended for Champagne
Brands Bar Amigos
Freezer Safe No

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  1. Posted on

    top quality

  2. Posted on Thursday 2nd February 2017 09:54:34 AM

    Sorry no stars for the product. Difficult to use, and they pop off. Not fit for purpose.
    Not a patch on the ones I bought in *** for ***. They really work and simple to use. Unfortunately no longer available.
    Could not send with out a star therefore had to enter one. But not deserved.

  3. Posted on Wednesday 31st January 2018 02:08:47 PM

    Fantastic product