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Bar Amigos Champagne Pressure Stopper

Preserve the taste and fizz in your bottle of Champagne with this patented wine saver. The Bar Amigos patented Champagne Pressure Stopper works by pumping air into the bottle which maintains the pressure required to protect the bubbles inside. Designed to fit most conventional bottles it is also ideal for other sparkling wines such as Prosecco and also includes an innovative date reminder switch. With thousands of happy customers, we know you will love this product that has been fully quality control tested and includes a 3-year warranty. Available in three colours that you can select below

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Sparkling wine comes in many varieties with the very popular Prosecco from Italy and of and of course Champagne, which finds its name from that region of France. Whatever you spend on champagne the last thing you want is for it to go to waste. Sure, it's always the aim (and fun) to finish a bottle but sometimes that's not always possible if you are having a drink on your own, or you have one of the extra large bottles of champagne that you might want to save for a particular occasion. A traditional stopper might work for a day or two, but the Bar Amigos champagne stopper will preserve your bottle of bubbly for well over seven days. In fact, the tests we have carried out during product development testing showed that a bottle of sparkling wine could be saved for over two weeks.


This essential champagne tool is superior to the other champagne stoppers on the market also known as "bungs". They only cap the bottle which allows the dissolved gas to escape from the sparkling wine in the bottle. This stopper works by securing down onto the bottle with the metal locking wings. Once in place you will then be able to pump pressure directly into the bottle until the button is firm to press. When the button feels different to press, you'll know the preservation process has worked. Around the outside of the button, you will also see a numbered dial date reminder that you can turn to set to the date you capped it so you can remind yourself when you open the bottle next time. When the stopper is not in use it is small enough to store away in a cutlery drawer, and you don't have to worry about losing the caps like the other popular, well-known brands of wine stoppers on the market. You don't have to pour that expensive bottle of ruined flat Champagne down the sink so if you run a pub or champagne bar this stopper could save you a lot of money. When you pop the cork on your next bottle make sure you retain all the bubbles by using this innovative champagne accessory

Our stopper is always stamped with our Bar Amigos logo to show it's the genuine product and because you are buying direct from us you can be assured you're getting the best price in the UK market.

Additional Information

Material Metal
Dishwaher Safe No
Pack Size 1
Capacity No
Recommended for Champagne
Brands Bar Amigos
Freezer Safe No

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